Same day service- Monday thru Friday in by 8:30am out by 4:00pm.

dry cleaning
                            Dry Cleaning:
Prior to cleaning your garment we check care labels for factory recommendations. Fabric, color, and adornments are considered in choosing the proper cleaning process. We thoroughly inspect every garment for stains, tears and missing or damaged buttons. Stains are identified and hand treated accordingly. Missing buttons are replaced and minor tears are repaired free of charge.
Trust Hiawatha Cleaners & Launderers to keep your wardrobe looking it's best.

 We inspect every shirt for stains, paying special attention to collars and cuffs and we'll replace broken/missing buttons free of charge. We then clean and press your shirt using our new state of the art shirt pressing machine, finishing any touch-ups by hand. You'll have the options of hanging or packaging your shirts.

press only
                                               Press only:
If you want your outfit looking sharp or just don't have the time. Our Press Only service is perfect for you.

                              Wash & Fold:
Whether you are busy with work, busy parent or it's a just a chore you wish to avoid, our Wash & Fold service is perfect for you. Simply drop off your basket of dirty laundry. We'll then pretreat any spots, clean and neatly fold your everyday clothes.
Let Hiawatha Cleaners and Launderers free up some time in your busy schedule. Stop by or call us today

Most household items require a special cleaning and drying process. We at Hiawatha Cleaners  & Launderers are experts and will use the best method to ensure that your items stay looking new and last longer.
We have industrial size washers, dryers and drycleaning machines to provide the best results for your household items, including
Comforters, duvet covers, pillow covers, feather pillows, drapes, sofa covers, bedspreads, tablecloths.

Visit our Households page for more information.

wedding gowns
                             Wedding gown:
At Hiawatha Cleaners & Launderers we understand how important your wedding gown is to you. It’s more than just a gown. It’s a symbol of your special day. We offer several different services for the care of your gown. Whether you need it pressed before the big day or preserving it after the event. 

We offer the following services: Clean, press, clean & press or clean press and box.

Please visit our Wedding gown page for more information.

                                      Leathers & Suede:
 Leathers & Suede garments need to be handled in a delicate process to prevent cracks or fading. Our experienced staff will provide exceptional results, using detergents specially for leathers. Restoring suede, leather or sheepskin garments to as near there original condition as possible.
 Minnesota is known for some pretty harsh winters, with lots of snow. We know how much you have invested and how hard it is to keep your Uggs clean. We offer professional cleaning to restore your boots to a near new condition. We delicately hand treat any stains, steam clean then dryclean,  using a special detergent that restores leather ensuring a proper clean and a soft new look.

 Professional purse cleaning is performed entirely by hand and requires skill and experience. We know how much you’ve invested in your favorite designer hand bag. We have the experience to make your purse look at or near it’s original condition.

  Purses have leather, clasps and other adornments that can be damaged in machine washers. We delicately treat stains and steam clean entirely by hand, ensuring that no damage occurs.

Look your best for the big event. We'll press your outfit before the event, then clean and press it after.  So it's ready for the next one.


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