Hours- Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 3pm
We offer same day service-
In by 8:30 out by 4:00pm


             Hiawatha Cleaners & Launderers has been a family-owned and locally operated company, servicing the Nokomis and surrounding  areas since 1939. We have been diligently providing professional dry cleaning and commercial laundry services at very competitive prices for over 70 years. Our success and growth has been the result of our continued commitment to providing outstanding customer service and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

       We provide drycleaning and launder services to companies and individuals in the south metro areas. Consider Hiawatha Cleaners & Launderers for all your drycleaning and laundry needs. Visit our 
    Commercial and Service pages to see what services we can provide for you. 

As an ethically-sound company, Hiawatha Cleaners & Launderers has a committed responsibility to the community to conserve and recycle whenever possible.
Hiawatha Cleaners & Launderers continually strives for improved efficiency, and when feasible, uses only natural and environmentally friendly products.
We encourage our customers to return hangers and bags so they can be re-used or properly recycled. Even if these items did not originally come from our store.

Commercial Services
Hiawatha Cleaners & Launderers is dedicated to providing excellent service to a wide range of businesses. We offer a variety of services at competitive prices. If you are looking for someone to take care of your business needs, checkout our 
Commercial page.

We have upgraded our facility!
  We have recently made an investment to upgrade our equipment. We seek to sustain one of the best
equipment in the industry. Ensuring that our customers have and maintain the sharpest looking wardrobe possible.

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